Preparing for Takeoff

May 1, 2014

If ever I could buy time, it would be right about now. At this writing, we are 12 days out from releasing "Let's Fly" and let me tell you, the hours are flying by. One would think the toughest and most challenging work is behind me. Not at all. The deadlines still loom and there is a different sort of pressure, not to deliver the music but to do justice to what we've created. 

All 15 months of work comes down to less than a couple of weeks remaining to pitch to the press, secure interviews, get press releases out, and line up sales channels.  And of course, one hopes for a review.  At the same time, we're preparing for a live release show, May 16, at The Slowdown, a cool club in downtown Omaha. 

As a live singer, it's the chance to bring what we've done in the studio to a room full of friends, family, colleagues, and others who turn out to hear us.  I love the energy of a live show.  Yet there's a lot to consider with this event alone, planning, logistics, and promotion.  I'm back in the voice studio (where I love to be), revisiting what we've recorded and working on wonderful new material we'll present.   J. and I see our musicians next week for our first rehearsal.

People ask me all of the time how I do it - balance all of this with a family, a home, and a job that affords me the opportunity to pursue a singing career.  And honestly, I'm not always sure. J. tells me I'm "infatiguable" and I find that a little bit funny, but I guess to some extent that's true.  When I believe in something, I'm all in, fully and completely. I give it everything I have and just hope I land on both feet.  But what I think it comes down to is that I'm a singer who needs to sing.  I've always been one to make my own opportunities rather than wait for a call.  And I know that it's one thing to create something you believe is really fantastic but it's another to get the work out there so it can be seen and heard.  It takes a lot of effort to do that, beyond the singing.

I'm so excited about this album and I can't believe that we've almost reached this point of releasing it to the masses.  At the same time, I'm nervous about how I'm going to feel three or four weeks from now.  Performers talk about "post-show blues".  It's something I'm going to really have to prepare for, I'm afraid, because this has been one exhilarating ride. 




It's done! Now what?

March 16, 2014

I've been texting with my producer, J., a good amount of the day today.  We're finalizing my "One Sheet", one of the many promotional elements that needs to be in place before we release the album - basically a one-page description that will be sent to press and media.  He's edited and proofed the copy.  I'm a writer yet it's really tough to write about oneself.  It's good to have another eye.

I've been working on my website and other PR related things today as well.  Now th...

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January 13, 2014

One of the greatest challenges I'm having as of late is time. I always want more and wish I had more.  I need more.  I suppose we all do. This is one of the reasons, while I had posted I'd write regularly about the process of recording this album, there simply hasn't been time. I had the best of intentions but time has become so hard to come by over the past few months.  So, hello again.

Many friends and colleagues have asked me why I wanted to record an album, so I thought this would be a g...

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So You Want to Be A Recording Artist

November 20, 2013

It's been an adventurous, emotional, and exhilarating couple of weeks.  After months and months of preparation, I got my first taste of what it is to be a recording artist - in the studio, totally exposed, taking risks, making mistakes, and finding my way.  

The process of producing an album, my debut album "Let's Fly", has been one of the most intense and rewarding experiences of my life.  It's something I've been wanting to do for some time and finally, it's here.  We're not close to being f...

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Chicago Bound

February 17, 2012

In music, one never stops learning.  There’s always a technique to hone, a song to better interpret, and more repertoire to wrap our arms around. 

It’s impossible to significantly grow as a singer – or really, in whatever we do - without taking risks.  Admittedly, I haven’t always been the riskiest risk taker.  I suppose for me I’ve become more so with life experience.  And as a great friend reminded me not too long ago, looking back will drive you crazy, so best focus on what...

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10 Minutes

December 7, 2011

I’m counting down the days until December 27th and the annual Kennedy Center Honors broadcast.  While I look forward to it every year, I’m especially excited because the legendary Barbara Cook will finally get the recognition that's long overdue.

For those who follow cabaret, classic musical theatre, and Sondheim, Barbara Cook is the big time, among the crème de la crème.  Her career spans 60+ years.  She was the original Marian in “The Music Man”, has a host of musical theatre rol...

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In the beginning...

November 29, 2011
I am just starting my blog adventure, so bear with me.  My first thought is "where to begin"?  Well, I suppose where I am now is in the midst of learning a pile of wonderful new music for some engagements I have coming up with my cabaret partner, Todd Brooks.  But, I will find the time to write.  Back to the piano for now. 

- Mary
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