Vocal music is an important aspect of your wedding day. Whether your ceremony is in a church, on a beach, or in your back yard, supurb vocal wedding music enhances the ceremony, provides you time to pause and reflect, and conveys your feelings of love to those gathered to celebrate with you.

Choose a wedding singer in Omaha and in the surrounding area who is experienced, flexible, and who will focus on enhancing your special day, not being the center of it. Mary Carrick has been performing as a professional wedding singer for more than 20 years.

Classically trained, but equally at home with a variety of musical styles including standards, jazz, and pop, Mary will add the perfect touch to your wedding ceremony – live vocal music that perfectly communicates the love you share with one another. Mary has sung at weddings held in a variety of settings and is also familiar with the Catholic Mass.

Choosing your music:

Your wedding is personal and should reflect your own personal style as a couple. During your complimentary music planning meeting, Mary will sit down with you to talk about various options for wedding music and the placement of vocal music during various points in the ceremony. You may come with specific ideas of your own or you may be looking to Mary for recommendations. You may choose music that’s in Mary’s current repertoire or select something new. Whatever the situation, it’s your wedding. If the music is special to you and sheet music is available, Mary is able to sing it for your wedding. There is no additional charge for her to perform music outside of her current repertoire. To make sure everyone involved is on the same page with regards to your choice of wedding music, it’s recommended that you speak with your officiant early on in the process so you’re aware of any specific guidelines that are in place. For example, some may only allow sacred music during your wedding. Others may be more flexible. It’s wise to inquire.


So your wedding music is well-prepared prior to your wedding day, Mary will coordinate a time to rehearse the music with your accompanist. This rehearsal is included in your wedding music package. Generally, it’s not necessary for a wedding singer to attend the full rehearsal you hold with the officiant, but the rehearsal can certainly be held the same evening, just prior, if scheduling permits.

Other musicians:

In addition to providing wedding vocal music, Mary is able to provide you with recommendations for additional professional musicians, including pianists, organists, and other instrumentalists, as well as additional vocalists should you want to incorporate a vocal duet, trio, etc. Mary is now accepting bookings as a wedding singer for 2014 and 2015.